Galleria Bianconi – Milano

From 5 May to 8 July GalleriaBianconi will present the double solo show “WORMHOLE”,which put in dialogue the work of two artists, SZILVIABOLLA (Budapest, 1992) and GIOIA DI GIROLAMO (Pescara, 1984).They both belong to the Millennials, a generation that has overcome allphysical andcultural barriers and has given rise to the digital revolutionthat today has unprecedented effects in shaping a new world and a new“mankind”

The starting point for the two artists’ work is the female body, its surface,its transformation into something else: a vital energy, a gateway to anotherdimension. A place where material and immaterial, real and virtual,corporeal and incorporeal come together and merge, by transcending eachother in a continuous flow of communication, germination andmultiplication, in which, as Heraclitus stated, “Nothing is created, nothingis destroyed, everything is transformed”

The duality inherent in the works of Szilvia Bolla and Gioia di Girolamo,and their dialectical confrontation, transforms the Gallery into a Wormhole.It is a space-time passage on whose walls stand out the smooth organic,metallic, reflective and iridescent shapes of Gioia di Girolamo’s “FilterBubble”. Inside it, we seem to catch a glimpse of the outlines of a possiblealien and virtual humanity that is swallowed and attracted towards thecentre of the “distorted” space of the gallery by the swirls of the plexiglassand metal sculptures “Infinite Vytal Energies” by Szilvia Bolla.

The energetic seed, the Big Bang from which everything is born and which generates this connection between physical and virtual, between adimension determined by the constants of time and space valid ineveryday reality and a dimension in which nothing we take for granted hasany value

This seed, this Big Bang is the biological sphere of the artists’ own bodies,of their skins, which in Di Girolamo’s”Density“and Szilvia Bolla’s”Skin of my skin, flesh of my flesh“allows the observer to enter the deepestfolds of its surface, operating a process of miniaturization thatwill lead,with the NFTs “Sys::Run_1” and “Sys::Run_2”by Gioia Di Girolamo, toenter the bloodstream that will then reveal to be non-human.